Answers to Common Questions about Weekly Classes

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Q: Can I begin weekly classes after soccer ends? (or basketball begins, or baseball starts, etc)
A: Yes!  The weekly classes are ongoing and flexible.  If you want to wait to begin classes until a certain date, that is just fine.  And if you need to stop classes at a certain point that is fine as well.  I cannot guarantee that we won’t be in the middle of a project, but I do my best to accommodate all students.  

Q: I want to begin classes later, when should I register?
A: Please wait until a week or two before the date you want to begin to register.  I cannot hold a spot for you when there are students who might be waiting to begin immediately.  

Q: The class I want to register for is full.  What should I do?
A: Class sizes are limited so that I can give each child the attention they need.  Plus, hah, I only have so many chairs.  If the class you want is full, please email me and I will put you on the waitlist.  Since students are starting and stopping classes throughout the fall and winter something usually opens up.

Q: I want my children to be in the same class, but one is too old for the younger class and the other is too young for the older class.  Is there a way they can be in class together?
A: Yes, they can be in the same class but ONLY if the older child attends the younger class.  The youngest age/grade listed is firm.  I have several reasons for this.
1. I can always challenge the older students and make the class harder.  
2. I don’t just base the ages on talent/skill.  I also take into account the maturity of the class ie. the conversations happening are sometimes not appropriate for younger ears. 
3.Attention span is another consideration.  Yes, your child may have a long attention span.  But younger students tend to lack the patience and problem solving skills needed to challenge themselves and push the project to the next level.  This is a learned skill.  I have found that when a child is too young for a class they want “to be finished” much sooner and become bored and are looking for more to do.  That takes me away from the rest of the class.
4. I want to develop a love of art in children.  It is hard to love something that makes you feel frustrated and like you aren’t good enough.  And when a child is too young for the class they compare their work to others who may have more experience, better fine motor skills, a longer attention span for listening as well as working.  I only want them to feel good about what they have created.  
5. When there is a child in a class who is too young they will need extra help, either from the sibling they are attending with, or me.  It’s not fair to that sibling or to the rest of the class when I have to spend most of my time helping the younger child.
6. The older the class is, the more responsibility I give the students.  (like getting their own supplies, picking up, cleaning their brushes, and using sharper tools for example)   

Q: At this time I cannot afford to pay for 6 classes at one time.  Can I pay for fewer classes each time? Or pay class to class?
A: The first set of 6 classes needs to be paid at one time because it is all online.  But after that we can most definitely work something out!

Q: If my child misses a class will there be a make up class?
A: No, there are no make-up classes.  Since you aren’t charged for the classes you miss, I just help the student “catch up” during the following class.  Sometimes that isn’t possible so I will send supplies home for them to finish.

Q: How will I know if class is canceled due to weather or something else?
A: I will always text and email you when there is a cancelation!  There have been times it was last minute, so please check your text messages just in case.  And always reply so I know you received the message.  If I don’t hear from you I will call you.  

Q: Do I need to call if my child is going to miss class?
A: It isn’t necessary, but it certainly helps!  I start class right on time.  But if there is a complicated demo I try to wait until everyone has arrived.  It helps to know if you won’t be there so we can get started.  

Q: My child can only take 8 weeks of classes.  Can I pay for a 6-week bundle and then pay for only 2 individual classes?
A: Absolutely!

Q: My child will only be at 7 classes and wants to do ceramics really bad.  Can you make sure to teach ceramics when they are in class?
A: I cannot guarantee each child will experience every type/medium of art we do throughout the year if they only attend part of the year.

Q: What should my child wear to class? 
A: I supply aprons for all classes!  But we ALWAYS get messy and not every supply we use is washable.  Aprons do not cover everything.  I recommend students wear old clothes, clothes they aren’t attached to.  I have had some kids who wear the same clothes to class each week.  That is awesome!  It is what I do….. I wear the clothes that already have paint stains on them to art class!

Q: Can we bring a water bottle or snack?
A: I have paper cups in the bathroom if children get thirsty.  But water bottles are allowed.  They tend to get left behind a lot though.  As for snacks, please do not bring snacks to class.  Little hands get dirty and there just isn’t time for snacks.  If you want to celebrate a birthday or something that is fine.  We can do that at the end of class as long as there is enough for every student.  

Q: Is Studio Virtu a secure building?
A: Yes!  I have a “school door” which means it is always locked.  There are two buttons I or a student can push from the classroom to unlock the door once we see who is there.  (I don’t even have to come to the door!)

Q: When I get to class the door is locked, what should I do?
A: Just knock or ring the bell.  I will either come to the door, or push a button that remotely unlocks the door.  When the light on the box near the doorbell turns green you know it is unlocked!