Payment for Weekly Classes

Ongoing Weekly Classes are the best way to get the most art instruction for your money.  The cost is $150 for 6 classes = $25 per class = less than $16.50 per hour.  AND THAT INCLUDES ART SUPPLIES!  I charge in 6-class-bundles so that I can plan for supplies.  This helps me keep my cost down.  You NEVER PAY FOR A CLASS YOU MISS!

I keep a card for each student which is similar to a punch card of sorts.  I keep track of your payment and mark down each class attended.  When the student has used 5 out of the 6 paid classes, I will send an email indicating that they have 1 more paid class.  You can then decide if you will be continuing and pay for another 6-class bundle…..or stopping after that last paid class.  I do this because as a mother of 4 I realize that kids get sick, have school events, ect.  I try to be as flexible as possible.  Also, there are times I may have to cancel class due to my own children, illness, life, etc.  So I think its only fair to keep things open.    

At the time of registration, and your first 6-class bundle you need to pay online so I can get all the student information.  When paying for further 6-class bundles you will be able to pay in person via check, cash or credit card.  You will also be able to pay online… I will be adding a link for returning students to pay for another 6 classes and not have to answer all the questions again!

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