Summer Art Camp….. Different, But Awesome!

I know, I know, we NEED our kids to get back out into the world. WE need to get back into the world. But, after sending out a survey, there just are not enough families ready to send their kids back to in-person camps this summer. BUT I HAVE A PLAN!!!

Please listen to my plan before making your decision about your child’s summer camp. And after seeing the projects I have to offer. I hope you will have a positive perspective on at home camp!

I will be offering “Art-Camp-Kits”…… before you click delete let me tell you how I am planning to address the many concerns expressed in the survey: (All Projects come with a video geared specifically for kids. Parents DO NOT have to get involved in any way! As long as your child knows how to work the computer, press start and pause they will be able to work right along with me! I even tell them how to set up and clean up!!)

  1. Cost– part of why you pay what you do is for the “experience”. I get that, and I mourn the loss of that in-person experience. I have not come up with the exact numbers as of yet, but I am going to try to give you what you pay for! I will be offering more projects-for-the-price. For example, in art camp we are able to complete about 4 projects in 4 days. We work a little bit each day on each project to allow for drying time ect. But in the Art-Camp-Kits, to make up for the loss of in-person time I am adding more projects, draw-alongs, worksheets, coloring pages, ect. And if you aren’t interested in the whole camp, I will be offering project-kits individually. But you will get the most “bang-for-your-buck” with the whole camp. I will be working to keep the cost per project as low as possible by “loaning” my reusable tools. You will get a refund when the tools are returned.
  2. “I can’t or just don’t want to try to teach my child art, I don’t know how, ect”– No worries! Every project will come with a video tutorial. My goal is to have ME still be the teacher and all you have to do is make sure your child knows how to press the start and pause buttons. They will be able to work along-side me by pausing the video to work and starting to get the next step.
  3. In-Person Experience– I will be offering Face Time one-on-one time if your child would be interested in that. But I want to keep the “camps” flexible for families. You will be able to sign up and reserve a time for your child to talk with me, to show me their progress, to ask for help, ect. If you have more than one child in the “camp” we can zoom. I want to be able to offer the individual attention I give when the kids are here.
  4. Friends– I know that many of you signed your children up with their friends. My thoughts are that maybe those friends can still get together to create and we can zoom by appointment.
  5. Family– Also, many of you have registered multiple siblings to age appropriate camps. I am planning projects with a “youngest age recommended” tag. For example I have a giraffe painting planned. I will be supplying video directions for every project, and I will show you how your 5 year old and your 14 year old can work side by side on the same project but with different goals. I can make even the easiest concept more challenging.
  6. Projects– right now I have over 20 projects I want to offer.
  7. Choosing your camp– You will have a choice as to how you want to order your camp. You will be able to order project by project. Or you can order the age appropriate camp that I set up. Typically I try to introduce as many different mediums as I can during camp with my hope being a child tried something new and has yet another way to create. But I realize that as a parent you may not want to tackle trying to get them to try something different. So I will offer to make up the “kit” for you as I would teach it, with lots of different mediums….or you will be able to pick and choose which projects you want to have in your kit. Because supplies for some projects are way more expensive than others, I will assign a point system to each project. So if you want all clay projects, which are more expensive, you may only be able to chose 4 lets say…..but if you wanted painting , well they would be cheaper, so you may be able to order 6 or 7. Depending on if its offered on canvas or paper. But all the kits will include the “extras” I plan to throw in.
  8. And get this…. If you buy one camp this summer, and you want more…all the rest of the kits you order will be at the camp price! (which is about a 20-25% discount)

So please check back here soon to see even more information on ART CAMP FROM, not at, STUDIO VIRTU!