Something…ART… to do at home

(scroll to the bottom of the post to download your FREE coloring page)

So we are on week, what, 480? of this crazy new normal called covid19?  I have been trying to organize a room where I store art supplies at home.  I’m also trying to make some videos to share art activities with my students, making take-home kits so my students can finish projects at home, cleaning and disinfecting the studio, making coloring pages and trying to find my peace painting.  I have definitely not been bored.  But I MISS MY CLASSES!  Its amazing how much energy and joy those young artists bring to my life!

As  I am trying to figure out where to place my camera, and how to edit videos for my students to watch and learn from, I procrastinate by making coloring pages.  Ha!  So in the meantime I wanted to share a blog by a wonderful, fun, zany, whimsical art teacher (who obviously has been making art videos for a while now) named Cassie Stephens.  

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You can find her by clicking here  or on her photo above.  This will keep your kiddos plenty busy until I get the hang of making my own videos.  Have a wonderful social distancing day!!!  Keep those spirits up, and find your peace!  Also, check out the FREE coloring page below!

Because boys like to color too!
click on the photo to download!