Something…ART… to do at home

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So we are on week, what, 480? of this crazy new normal called covid19?  I have been trying to organize a room where I store art supplies at home.  I’m also trying to make some videos to share art activities with my students, making take-home kits so my students can finish projects at home, cleaning and disinfecting the studio, making coloring pages and trying to find my peace painting.  I have definitely not been bored.  But I MISS MY CLASSES!  Its amazing how much energy and joy those young artists bring to my life!

As  I am trying to figure out where to place my camera, and how to edit videos for my students to watch and learn from, I procrastinate by making coloring pages.  Ha!  So in the meantime I wanted to share a blog by a wonderful, fun, zany, whimsical art teacher (who obviously has been making art videos for a while now) named Cassie Stephens.  

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You can find her by clicking here  or on her photo above.  This will keep your kiddos plenty busy until I get the hang of making my own videos.  Have a wonderful social distancing day!!!  Keep those spirits up, and find your peace!  Also, check out the FREE coloring page below!

Because boys like to color too!
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Another Free Coloring Page for You!

So, for today I have another coloring page for you.  I was planning on sharing a post with more content, but ….. Apparently one must have one’s photo’s organized enough to be able to find them.  So, it looks like tomorrow I will help you set up a kid AND adult friendly home studio.  And I will give you all my best studio hacks to make art with kids easier and more organized!

Stay tuned because next week I’ll be sharing some art projects FOR BOTH ADULTS AND KIDS!!!!  For now, “Llama go make some art!”  You go make some too!!!!

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In Light of our Social Distancing…A Coloring Page for You!

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I hope this finds you healthy, at home, and cuddled up with those you love…..or a glass of wine, whatever you need!  I am actually at the studio in my pajamas pondering the eternal question, “Is there a proper time of day to change from day pajamas to night pajamas?”  For me it seems that I change once I have paint all over whatever I am wearing.  Anyway, I am missing my student artists SOOO much right now.  And I can’t help but wonder what is going through those creative minds about all that is going on right now.  As for me, I am focusing on the time I have to paint, draw, and organize. Yep, that’s right, I love to organize at home.  You would never know this by the sight of the studio though.  And throughout each day I can’t help but be filled with hope.  I believe from the bottom of my soul that God has a master plan for our best selves.  So I know that at the end of all this we will be better people.  I do miss all those little faces though!  I find that if I begin to feel stressed all I have to do is ART!!  I paint, I draw, I color, I make clay “stuff”.  I am lucky because I have all the supplies I need both at my home studio and at Studio Virtu.  But not every home is decorated in “Total Art Mess” like mine.  So I want to offer some relief if you need it.  Here is what I “plan” to do.  (I mean everything changes day-to-day, right)

  1.  I plan to post, here, various Art Activities that you or/and your kids can do from home.  I’m hoping to make these activities kid-abled, meaning they can do them on their own.  Sometimes it will be a free coloring page (like today), or an acivity/project, a tip or shortcut, or a list of You Tube channels or websites appropriate for kiddos, but still interesting for all ages.
  2. I am hoping to put together some “art-kits” and supplies that you can pick up curbside so you have the means to do these projects.  (and tempera paint doesn’t last forever, so we might as well use it up).  And there MAY be a small fee for the supplies as I have to try to stay in business, ugh. More info on this to come.
  3.  I will make some supplies available to “rent”.  Which means you can leave a down payment which you will get back when the supplies/tools are returned.  

Please be patient with me as I am just now learning how to make videos, thanks to Lauren O!!! Posts may remain in all photos if I can’t get the hang of it; or I just plain hate the way my voice sounds, which is a very real possibility! My goal is to post three times a week. But I do admit to being easily distracted by an empty canvas, unused clay, an unpainted wall, garbage can, rug, floor, table, chair….you get it. So I will do my best just like you are doing in these crazy times!

For today, DON’T BE A SLOTH, MAKE ART! And enjoy this free downloadable coloring page! Talk to you soon!

A Free Coloring Page for you!
Oops, It is sideways….Ha! Just click to download and print, and turn it anyway you want!